Saving with Cambrian Credit Union


All members benefit from regular saving. It allows members to work towards their financial goals and gives them a cushion in an unforeseen financial emergency. Saving regularly reduces the need to borrow from costly sources of credit.  Save with the credit union for your holidays, a new car, your wedding, school uniforms, a rainy day fund, birthdays or Christmas.

The credit union helps you by encouraging the habit of saving. If you develop the habit of putting some money by in the credit union on a regular basis, saving will be less difficult.

Savings are used to make loans to members. The interest from loans is used to pay expenses; to build up reserves and the remainder may be returned to the members by way of dividend.

A little time spent reviewing this website will open your eyes to some of the great work credit unions do in your local community.

We also offer free life cover on your savings up to £5000 – for full information click here.


An applicant must be a member of Cambrian Credit Union which would require an annual £3 membership fee and for the member to hold £5 in their savings account at all times.

Maximum Savings

The maximum amount that you can save with Cambrian Credit Union is a total of £30,000. You can save as little or as much as you like as long as you maintain a minimum of £5 in your main savings account (called a Share 1 account).

Cheque Deposits

We unfortunately no longer accept deposits via cheque into any share, savings or corporate accounts.


We offer many ways of accessing your savings for more details click here.


As credit unions are mutual organisations, we pay a dividend on our members’ savings instead of interest. This is because members are the owners of the credit union and not just customers. So members’ savings are classed as shares, with each share being eligible for a dividend at the end of the credit union financial year.

The amount of dividend we pay will depend on the financial success of the credit union that year as any surplus funds the credit union makes are reinvested in the business, to give you better services or returned to our members as a dividend.

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