North Wales joins global movement to recognise Credit Unions

To mark International Credit Union Day, Ann Francis explains that Credit Unions across Wales will get together to celebrate the difference the movement is making to our communities.

Credit Unions across Wales are joining a global movement this month to celebrate International Credit Union Day on October 19.

In Wales, we are holding with an awards ceremony in the Senedd, with presentations from the likes of Leader of the House Jane Hutt, Welsh actor Michael Sheen and actress Ruth Madoc. The awards will recognise some of the amazing partnerships Credit Unions have in our communities the length and breadth of Wales.

Using the theme ‘I love CU’, the awards attracted 26 nominations, from large companies and public bodies, through to schools, individual members and volunteers, all of whom are making a positive impact in our communities.

Just six people are receiving awards, but all of the nominees have been recognised this month and we have been sharing their stories on the Credit Unions of Wales Facebook page. Having read some of these stories, I certainly don’t envy the judges who had to whittle the number down to just six award winners.

Here in North Wales, Denbighshire County Council was recognised for its work to promote financial well-being among staff and its housing tenants.

Working with Cambrian Credit Union, the council has increased the number of staff using payroll savings by an impressive 23 per cent in just two years. It regularly holds sessions where the Credit Union can speak to staff and has information on its staff intranet.

What impressed the judges was the way the council has taken that message further and now gives information on the Credit Union to its new housing tenants to promote their financial wellbeing.

If you work for a council in North Wales, you too can take advantage of payroll savings. The scheme means that you decide on a set amount you would like to save every month and that is deposited direct from your salary into a Credit Union savings account.

It’s a great way to put aside money for Christmas, a birthday, wedding or simply a rainy day.

To find out more about the Credit Union difference, pop into your local office this month and find out why so many people are saying ‘I love CU!’

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