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Secured against Savings

Pledging your savings to secure your loan is a great way to get our very best rates if you want to make a purchase and still maintain your savings. It is also ideal if you want to build or repair your credit rating. Fully secured by the money deposited in your share account this loan offers our lowest interest rate of 3.8% (3.9% APR).

The loan must be for an amount that’s less than or equal to your savings balance, Your savings will continue to attract dividend payments and Free Life Savings Insurance cover.

Benefits of a Secured against Savings Loan

  • Great low rate of 3.9% APR
  • Free loan protection insurance and life savings insurance
  • Continue to build your savings and attract dividend whilst you repay your loan
  • Exclusive to Cambrian Credit Union members
  • No credit check required for loans secured against savings (terms and conditions apply)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Savings and Loans Life cover have additional conditions (see here)
  2. The savings balance equal to the outstanding value of your loan is used as security and cannot be withdrawn.
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