Cambrian’s answer to Payday Lenders for loans up to £2000.

Find out how much you could borrow* in the click of a button using our on-line loan calculator

The purpose is to provide local residents with quick access to affordable credit.

In order to activate your account we need to receive a minimum payment of £8.00 into your credit union savings account. This will cover the £3.00 annual service fee and the £5.00 minimum savings deposit.
If your loan is approved the funds will be deposited into your savings account with us. If we have not received the £8.00 minimum payment this will be deducted automatically at that time.

The amount you may borrow is based on an assessment of your immediate need, ability to repay and subject to confirmation of your disposable income. The maximum loan period is one year. The maximum current rate of interest is 3% per month on the outstanding loan balance (Typical 42.60% APR).

Affordable Finance Responsibly Borrowed

  • No early Repayment Penalties
  • No hidden fees or costs
  • No small print

Or you can apply ‘online’ or download a Loan Application Form.

When making a decision on a loan application we will contact Credit Reference Agencies. For more information on this click here.

* All loans subject to status

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