If you are employed by any of our Payroll Savings Partners, you can have the premium for your loan deducted from your salary. Your employer does not know that your have the loan just that you are making a payment to Cambrian Credit Union


  • Paying directly from your salary is the ‘painless’ way to pay.
  • Loans paid from your salary receive a 1% per month discount on our normal interest rate

Apply on line or download a loan application form and drop it into one of our branch.


In order to activate your account we need to receive a minimum payment of £8.00 into your credit union savings account. This will cover the £3.00 annual service fee and the £5.00 minimum savings deposit.
If your loan is approved the funds will be deposited into your savings account with us. If we have not received the £8.00 minimum payment this will be deducted automatically at that time.

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