Financial Health

We are in partnership with organisations that specialise in providing advice on money management and issues surrounding debt. They provide this service free of charge! If you feel that you would benefit from speaking to someone before you take a loan or choose a savings product we can refer you to the appropriate organisation to make an appointment.

The service that is offered is completely impartial and confidential and any information you give to the service will not be shared by them with Cambrian Credit Union or anyone else.

Free Financial Health Check

The Money Advice Service is independent and it’s here to help everyone understand and manage their money better.

It takes just 10 minutes to answer some straightforward questions and the health check will give you a personalised action plan which identifies the top three things you can do to make the most of your money right now, and to plan for future goals.

Best of all – it’s free and it’s unbiased. The Money Advice Service won’t recommend a particular product or provider or try to sell you anything. Click here for Health Check

Budgeting Guide

In debt and need help?

If you are experiencing financial difficulties try not to worry you are not alone. According to the Bank of England, more than half of UK households are struggling to repay credit cards and loans (13th December 2011) and one in two households have seen their disposable income fall over the past year.

However, to improve your financial well-being we encourage you to:-

  • Take responsibility for your situation and any debt you may have. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse.
  • Contact the organisations you owe money to and let them know you are having problems. They may be able to discuss options for paying back.
  • Think carefully about borrowing money to repay debts. Sometimes consolidating debt can help make the repayments more manageable but get advice and especially before borrowing against your home.

For alternative free debt and financial advice services in North Wales, you may also find these websites helpful:-


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